Full-Time Faculty, Information & Communication Technology

Purpose: Provide educational experience, positive motivation and guidance to students in a manner consistent with the mission of Carl Sandburg College.

Classification: Full-Time Faculty, Non-Exempt/Bargaining Unit
Supervises: Student Academic Performance

Reports To: Dean of Career and Technical Education

Principal Working Relationships: Dean of Career and Technical Education, Students and Colleagues

Major Responsibilities

  1. Meet with assigned class(es) at all scheduled times and locations, and provide instruction necessary for fulfilling course objectives. Primary responsibilities are the instruction of Information & Communication Technology courses.
  2. Notify Dean in the event that a class meeting is canceled, changed, or when it is necessary to be absent from campus during hours of regularly scheduled responsibilities.
  3. Prepare and distribute to the Dean and students a course syllabus that is consistent with the official course brief for each class and sufficiently detailed so as to inform each student about policies concerning attendance, evaluation, and expected performance.
  4. Provide students with educational, vocational, and social counseling that will constitute positive motivation for the educational progress of the student; including referral to appropriate resources such as student service advising, etc.
  5. Enforce college regulations concerning student behavior and building regulations.
  6. Work closely with Academic Support Services to develop and implement strategies for student access and participation in services provided by Academic Support Services.
  7. Submit all required forms such as midterm lists and final grades in a timely manner.
  8. Keep laboratory and/or instructional equipment secure and recommend repairs or replacement when necessary.
  9. Maintain student attendance records and employ a well-defined procedure for evaluating student progress.
  10. Actively participate in evaluations of the curriculum and propose modifications as necessary.
  11. Actively participate in the assessment of classes and courses in order to improve student outcomes. Assessment report at the classroom level required each year prior to posted deadline.
  12. Actively participate in student recruitment and enrollment growth initiatives. 
  13. Spend such time on campus each day as may be necessary to fulfill all professional obligations and willingly assume the various responsibilities, including committee participation, which normally constitute a teaching assignment.  This includes such functions as private conference, follow-up on student progress and preparation of materials for class work. Time spent on campus must be a minimum of twenty (20) hours per week excluding overload. This includes classes, posted hours, and general preparation time.
  14. At minimum, use the Learning Management System to record on-going attendance and grades for each course for each semester and session, and document the course syllabi.
  15. Attend all regularly schedule departmental, committee and College meetings.
  16. Adhere to the guidelines of any negotiated labor contract involving faculty.
  17. Work with advisory committees.
  18. Other duties as assigned.
Assists With 
  1. Textbook and learning resource selection.
  2. Curriculum evaluation and modification.
  3. Budget preparation regarding supplies, material and equipment.
  4. Preparation of class schedules.
  5. Creation and delivery of consistent dual credit programs.
Risk Management and Loss Prevention Activities
  1. Actively participate in and carry out activities in support of the college’s Risk Management Program in a capacity appropriate to this position.
  2. Monitor conditions, events, and circumstances present in the college operation to avoid potential torts or injuries to students, staff, or the general public, then communicate observations to the appropriate supervisor and/or Risk Management Committee.
  3. Maintain a working knowledge of the college’s emergency procedures and how to operate emergency phone systems; including internal/external call boxes.
Minimum Necessary Skills, Experience, and Educational Background
  1. Earned Master's Degree in appropriate subject matter, on-job experience and appropriate training in specialty field, as defined by criteria established by the State of Illinois is required for vocational courses. Cisco Certified Academy Instructor or related Information Technology certifications preferred. 
  2. The ability to communicate successfully with clients of all ages, socio-economic status, sex, or race.
  3. On-line or technology-based pedagogical experience preferred.
Physical Requirements to Perform
  1. The specific motor skills and sensory perception necessary to effectively instruct and evaluate students is based on the content, instructional methods, and objectives of the course(s) taught.
This is a security sensitive position and will require a background check as a pre-employment qualifier.