Special Education Coordinator

Posted: 02/05/2021

EDUCATION PROGRAM COORDINATOR: Contract position March-October paid $500 monthly.
Position Description:
Camp Big Sky is a supportive organization to help children and adults with disabilities to learn life skills that will increase knowledge and increase self-reliance and capacity for independent living in the community through participation in accessible outdoor activities.
This position will coordinate student interns and volunteers with schools and organizations to build student growth experiences. The goal of the education programs is to increase knowledge that enhances daily activities and independence through hands on experience in the outdoors.
Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Continue work with area college - education majors preferably in special education to recruit interns to teach life skill classes.
  2. Attend Local University job fairs for internship possibilities.
  3. Become familiar with curriculum and help interns understand goals in teaching classes. Provide an in-service to discuss need/development of differentiated instructional materials for the lessons. Adapt as needed.
  4. Work with interns to develop a schedule for assigning teachers to classes using established curriculum. (Curriculum on a 4-year cycle)
  5. Build new curriculum with the help of interns and have approved by Camp Big Sky Program Committee. (Guest speakers are welcome and encouraged)
  6. Cultivate and work with schools interested in participating in life skills program. Provide a questionnaire with possible topics for life skill classes. Participating schools could indicate which topics would be most appropriate for their students and reduce redundancy.
  7. Develop relationships and work with day program facilities interested in participating in the Volunteer Training Program.
  8. Coordinate with Operations Manager schedules and camp area usage for groups attending life skill classes.
  9. Life skills classes are currently offered in September and October (2 – 4 week sessions, 3 days a week) with a Volunteer Training Program offered in May and June (6-8 weeks).
  10. Maintain records of program successes, challenges and needs to enhance upcoming class experiences. This could be put together by interns each session using an expectation sheet with student supports/function level completed by teachers and an evaluation sheet after each session completed by teachers and interns.
  11. Maintain cleanliness/sanitization and order in all areas used.
  12. Keep materials, equipment and tools in good condition and in good supply. Needs may be coordinated with Executive Director or Program Chair.
  13. Follow-up with students on successes to track outcomes on Education Programs.
  14. Other duties may be re-assessed as assigned.
  15. Suggested time table: 
February – March:  connect with Local Universities/Colleges Education Department, attend job fair and connect with participating schools.
April – Register Adult participants for Volunteer Training Program
May – June: Volunteer Training Program
August – October:  Life Skills Classes; program recap; outcome measures

  • Degree in special education or related field.  OR significant experience working with people with special needs.
  • CPR/First Aid/AED
  • Organizational skills
  • Relates well to people with disabilities and treats all with dignity and respect.
  • Commitment to CBS Mission Statement:  Our mission is to provide education, training and skills development to children and adults with disabilities through participation in accessible outdoor activities.
  • Maintain high standards of education at Camp Big Sky.
 Please submit resume to exec@campbigsky.org or mail P.O. Box 56 Farmington, IL 61531