Upward Bound Math-Science Project Advisor

Posted: 08/02/2022

Purpose: Provide direct advising services to Upward Bound Math-Science participants to increase the likelihood of participants achieving academic success, remaining in high school, and enrolling in an institution of higher education upon graduation.

Classification:  Mid-Management, Non-Exempt/Non-Bargaining Unit

Level: IV

Reports To: Director TRIO Upward Bound Math-Science Project

Principal Working Relationship: Director TRIO Upward Bound Math-Science Project and staff, Upward Bound Math-Science Instructors, Upward Bound Math-Science Tutors, High School Principals, Counselors, Upward Bound Math-Science Student Participants and Families, Faculty, and Staff

Major Responsibilities

  1. Counsel students to make insightful, well-informed decisions regarding careers, academic program selection, course selection and other related concerns.
  2. Meet with students on a regular basis either in group or individual settings to provide career counseling services for the academic development and success of students.
  3. Provide personal counseling services for students when necessary and make referrals to the appropriate agencies when advisable.
  4. Provide information about the TRIO Upward Bound Math-Science program to the four target high schools.  Work with the High School Administration and counselors, faculty and staff to administer the program according to the grant proposal and coordinate schedules with the high schools to provide services to students during the school day.
  5. Ensure the management of contact hours and student records.  Ensure all participant records are accurate, located in secure cabinets in locked offices, on a secure server that is backed up nightly, and in compliance with annual reporting requirements.
  6. Conduct student assessments regarding academic skill level, learning styles, career interests, and postsecondary entry.
  7. Conduct applicant intake interviews and assist with the selection and recruitment of participants.
  8. Provide academic instruction as assigned for annual summer academic enrichment program.
  9. Ensure all services detailed in the grant proposal are provided within the regulations of the TRIO Upward Bound Math-Science legislation and meet the needs of program participants as stated in the grant proposal.
  10. Participate in the establishment of strategic initiatives and the assessment of the department’s key performance indicators.
  11. Organize workshops or seminars for students and parents covering topics such as academic success, financial aid and planning and social and cultural issues.
  12. Plan college visits and campus orientations for students and parents to familiarize them with academic requirements of Carl Sandburg College and other institutions of higher education.
  13. Coordinate student activities in compliance with TRIO Upward Bound Math-Science regulations as stated in the grant proposal.
  14. Responsible for collecting, maintaining, monitoring, and inputting information into student database systems.
  15. Maintain confidentiality of protected student information. 
  16. Other duties as assigned.

Assist With

  1. Budgeting process and processing program expenditures. 
  2. Assist Project Director with coordinating the services of UBMS Tutors and UBMS Summer Instructors employed by the UBMS program. 
  3. Coordination of publicity and outreach concerning the TRIO program.
  4. Work cooperatively with the UBMS staff to comply with federal legislation governing the TRIO UBMS grant.

Risk Management and Loss Prevention Activities

  1. Actively participate in and carry out activities in support of the college’s Risk Management Program in a capacity appropriate to this position.
  2. Monitor conditions, events, and circumstances present in the college operation to avoid potential torts or injuries to students, staff, or the general public, then communicate observations to the appropriate supervisor and/or Risk Management Committee.
  3. Maintain a working knowledge of the college’s emergency procedures and how to operate emergency phone systems; including internal/external call boxes.
  4. Monitor and assist with backup procedures for protection of data and respond to violations of user’s agreement.

Minimum Necessary Skills, Experience, and Educational Background 

  1. Bachelors’ degree required, degree in Education, Counseling, Social Work, Higher Education Administration or related field preferred.  Master’s Degree in Education, Counseling, Social Work, Higher Education Administration or related field preferred.
  2. One year of professional experience working in a federal TRIO program or similar program for disadvantaged/at-risk youth required. Two years of professional working experience preferred. 
  3. Experience providing case management services and advising students with the college admissions and financial aid application process.
  4. Professional or personal experience in overcoming barriers similar to those confronting project participants.
  5. Proficient in computer programs and related technology needed for the successful implementation of program processes and recordkeeping.  
  6. Must be able to communicate effectively with persons of diverse backgrounds and understand influence of culture, heritage and economic disadvantage on program participants.  
  7. Must be able to perform duties in an effective and ethical manner to assure that the objectives of the project are met within guidelines of legislation, regulations, and commitments as stated in the grant.
  8. Must hold a valid driver’s license.
  9. Spanish or French proficiency preferred.

Physical Requirements to Perform Job Functions 

  1. The specific motor skills and sensory perception to effectively interact with staff and students.  
  2. Basic dexterity skills (computer work, telephone, and other office equipment)
  3. Must be physically able to pack, lift, carry and transport equipment and materials as needed (20 lbs or less) and the ability to place work orders for anything over that limit.



This position is declared security sensitive and will require a background check as a pre-employment qualifier.


This is a grant-funded position.