Purpose: To maintain a clean and appealing educational facility

Classification: Physical Plant, Non-Exempt/Bargaining Unit
Level: I
Supervises: Student Workers
Reports To: Manager of Construction Projects & Facilities and Associate Vice President of Administrative Services
Principal Working Relationships: Manager of Construction Projects & Facilities, Associate Vice President of Administrative Services, and Staff
Major Responsibilities
  1. The cleanliness and orderliness of floors, walls, ceilings, windows, furniture and any related equipment or fixtures in the facility.
  2. The operation of equipment such as vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, buffers, brooms, mops, duster, and the other usual tools used in a cleaning maintenance operation.
  3. The proper use of cleaning and sanitation chemicals and custodial supplies.
  4. The removal of trash and emptying of recycle bins.
  5. The movement of equipment and furniture as needed to accomplish good cleaning practices.
  6. The set-up of the facility for special functions.
  7. Must be available to work in emergency situations.
  8. Other duties as assigned.
  1. Supplies dispersal to location used.
Assists With
  1.  Snow removal at doorways and entry sidewalks.
  2. Application of "ice melt" at entry areas and sidewalks.
  3. Movement of equipment and furniture. 
  4. Stripping and waxing of floors and carpet extraction.
  5. Assist with departmental assessment and establishment of key performance indicators based on the strategic plan.
Risk Management and Loss Prevention Activities
  1. Actively participate in and carry out activities in support of the college’s Risk Management Program in a capacity appropriate to this position.
  2. Monitor conditions, events, and circumstances present in the college operation to avoid potential torts or injuries to students, staff, or the general public, and then communicate observations to the appropriate supervisor and/or Risk Management Committee.
  3. Maintain a working knowledge of the college’s emergency procedures and how to operate emergency phone systems; including internal/external call boxes.
Minimum Necessary Skills, Experience, and Educational Background
  1. High school diploma or GED required.
  2. Must successfully demonstrate, through work experience, the ability to accomplish this type of work.
  3. Must demonstrate ability to read instructions on chemical use and dilution rates.
  4. Valid driver’s license.
  5. The ability to communicate successfully with clients of all ages, socio-economic status, sex, or race.
  6. Spanish or French proficiency preferred.
Physical Requirements to Perform Job Functions
  1. Must be able to do arduous work.
  2. Capable of lifting 50 lbs.
  3. Should be able to climb ladders.
  4. Subject to both inside and outside environmental conditions. 
  5. Vision – with/without correction.
  6. Hearing – perceiving the nature of sounds with/without correction.
Job Conditions and Hazards
  1. Bloodborne pathogens exposure - category 1
This is a security sensitive position and will require a background check as a pre-employment qualifier.