Athletic Director

Purpose: Perform duties as Athletic Director and develop an athletic alumni engagement program.

Classification: Administration, Exempt/Non-Bargaining Unit
Level: I
Supervises: Athletic staff
Reports To: Senior Vice President of Student Services
Principle Working Relationships: Senior Vice President of Student Services, Assistant Athletic Director/Head Softball/Head Volleyball Coach, Coaching Staff, Students, and Faculty

Major Responsibilities

  1. Serve as the Athletic Director and be responsible for the Intercollegiate Athletic program as well as develop program goals and evaluate staff performance on a yearly basis.
  2. Responsible for the development and administration of appropriate budgets.
  3. Responsible for maintaining satisfactory standard of student athlete conduct and discipline.
  4. Provide facility coverage and supervision.
  5. Responsible for the scheduling of games and for the arrangement of travel.
  6. Work in cooperation with Carl Sandburg College Marketing and Public Relations Department to provide sports information to media.
  7. Serve as liaison to district Athletic Directors and Coaches to promote Carl Sandburg College and available athletic programs; concentration to be on the recruitment of in-district athletes.
  8. Works in cooperation with Coaching Staff in recruitment of student athletes for all Carl Sandburg College programs.
  9. Monitor academic progress of all athletes and students who receive Talent Scholarships to include Art, Athletics, Music and Theatre students.
  10. Serve as a backup and support person to all Carl Sandburg College coaches and fitness center.
  11. Develop possibilities to add additional extracurricular opportunities at Carl Sandburg College.
  12. Work in Cooperation with the Carl Sandburg College Foundation to develop, implement and evaluate an athletic alumni engagement program.
  13. Engage in fund-raising activities in cooperation with the Carl Sandburg College Foundation for supplementing the appropriate budgets.
  14. Plan, coordinate, implement and evaluate youth sport camps for all Carl Sandburg College athletic programs.
  15. Develop key performance indicators and assess outcomes for departmental initiatives and activities. Report associated metrics and make data-driven decisions regarding plans and actions.
  16. Strictly adhere to NJCAA Coaching Ethic Code.    
  17. Administration of the talent scholarships for student athletes.
  18. Coordinate with the Financial Aid Office in the completion of the appropriate financial aid applications for student athletes.
  19. Monitor the academic progress of student athletes with Faculty.
  20. Serve as a member of Administrative Team.
  21. Other duties as assigned.
Risk Management and Loss Prevention Activities
  1. Actively participate in and carry out activities in support of the college’s Risk Management Program in a capacity appropriate to this position.
  2. Monitor conditions, events, and circumstances present in the college operation to avoid potential torts or injuries to students, staff, or the general public, then communicate observations to the appropriate supervisor and/or Risk Management Committee.
  3. Maintain a working knowledge of the college’s emergency procedures and how to operate emergency phone systems; including internal/external call boxes.

Minimum Necessary Skills, Experience, and Educational Background

  1. Bachelor's degree with a concentration in sports and/or physical education. Master’s degree in related area preferred. Supervisory experience required.
  2. Head coaching experience at the collegiate level and administrative experience required. Athletic Director experience at the collegiate level preferred.
  3. Organizational and communication skills.
  4. The ability to communicate successfully with clients of all ages, socio-economic status, sex, or race.
  5. Valid driver's license.
  6. CPR certification and first aid or willing to obtain certification prior to employment.
  7. Spanish or French proficiency preferred.

Physical Requirements to Perform Job Functions

  1. The specific motor skills and sensory perception to effectively perform daily tasks may vary with the sport.
  2. Basic dexterity skills (computer work, telephone, and other office equipment).
  3. Must have visual and hearing capabilities with/without correction.
  4. Must be physically able to pack, lift, carry and transport equipment and materials as needed (30 lbs or less) and the ability to place work orders for anything over that limit.
  5. Subject to both inside and outside environmental conditions.

Job Conditions and Hazards

  1. Bloodborne pathogens exposure - category 1

This is a security sensitive position and will require a background check as a pre-employment qualifier.