Buchanan Center Celebrates 30 Years

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April 30, 2019
For three decades, the Buchanan Center for the Arts has served a vital need in Monmouth-Warren County -- the encouragement, development and support of the arts in our community. During 2019, we are celebrating 30 years of service to the community by holding 30 special events. But in reality, the real celebration is the contributions by the hundreds of area residents who have selflessly given their time, talent and treasure to help make the Buchanan Center for the Arts one of our community’s shining assets. And of course it all started with the vision of the late Grace Buchanan, who believed the arts are for everyone.

The mission of the Buchanan Center for the Arts is to enrich lives and promote enjoyment of the arts by offering opportunities for creative and diverse artistic experiences. By doing this, we build and bolster our community through the arts in several ways. 

The arts are important to our community because they help enhance our residents' lives by enabling them to realize their creative potential. The arts, however, go beyond personal empowerment and enrichment. Equally, the arts can also help a community realize its collective economic and cultural potential by offering programming that helps attract and retain workers, and they also can be a springboard for economic development efforts. 

As several recent reports suggest, the arts have a critical role to play in a rural area’s economy. The National Governors Association, the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies recently published Rural Prosperity Through The Arts & Creative Sector, an action report that shows how arts-based economic development can help a community’s economy, and how the creative community can complement area businesses and industries.

The Buchanan Center for the Arts looks forward to its continued role of serving the residents of Monmouth-Warren County. Thanks to the energy, creativity and enthusiasm of our amazing and dedicated members, we are also eager to help our community achieve its goals.